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Hight Precision

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Award Winning

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Environment Friendy

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Who we are and what we do

We started our operations from 1994 making our contribution to the mammoth showroom in Brisbane selling premium quality wheels and tyres and also serving as a rim repair shop. Today we deal with huge range of premium branded wheels and tyres to suit your budget and vehicle. Huge range of mag wheels (custom rims) and tyres! Whether it’s 4WD, performance, drift, budget or luxury wheels or tyres you’re after, you can find something to suit by browsing this website.

Street Wheels and Tyres have the largest range of tyres in Brisbane. We want to have tyres in stock so we can fit them the same day fitting and balancing. We hold such an extensive range of big brand tyres that we can rival any ladies shoe closet!

Why Choose Us?

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Tyre Safety

Creative Head

We take your tyres seriously as tyres can save your life. However, many people overlook the importance of checking them regularly. For example, without good quality tyres on your car, many of the safety features like traction control, anti-lock brakes and stability control cannot work to the full extent. Also little things like deflated tyres, can affect the handling and fuel efficiency of your car. Getting your tyres checked by our experienced staff that have many years of tyre experience in Brisbane, will put you on the right track for your safety.

Cater to all types of vehicles

Marketing Director

Our large range of tyres, mean that we can cater for all types of vehicles. We cover everything from sedans to 4 wheel drives and we quite regularly have many classic cars. To see some of the different types of cars that we have fitted tyres to in Brisbane over the years, you can visit our Facebook page. We also have a store- full of accessories, including spare centre caps and‪ ‎wheel locks with a wide assortment of nuts, bolts, spacers and keys. We know that your vehicle can be unique and finding the accessories can be an exhausting search, so make us your first port of call and let our experienced staff help you.

Cheap Tyres in Brisbane

Brand Designer

We have many special deals for cheap tyres in Brisbane. Because we hold the largest range of tyres in Brisbane we can offer great deals and we also hold some second hand tyres. All of these tyres are roadworthy and they are top of the line for your safety. We understand that tyres can be expensive and we help our clients by having tyres that will still fit their budgets. We know that our customers want a certain wow factor that new tyres can create on a car, while also understanding how the tyre will work with your car and the performance the tyre will deliver. So talk to our staff about what you’re looking for in your new tyres and we will find the right tyre for you.

Visit Our Store

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Street Wheels & Tyres

To help you keep your vehicle looking great and riding right, contact us at SWT- Street Wheels & Tyres – to see how we can help you.


15 Moss St, Slacks Creek

Queensland 4127